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Sports compression stockings



Compression socks for men & women

Increase in performance, endurance, blood circulation and recovery Knee High Stocking🔥🔥

Why choose it:

"Flawless quality at a good price. I can recommend these compression stockings to anyone who does a lot of sport. I use them for crossfit, running or weightlifting and wouldn't want to train without them anymore. The legs definitely feel lighter and the additional blood circulation helps noticeably (subjective feeling) during regeneration. I will certainly buy 1-2 more pairs." says our customer.


  • HIGH QUALITY: Our compression stockings are made from high quality nylon and spandex materials and first-class craftsmanship, making them very durable. This performance fabric offers the most compression in the ankles and lighter compression in the calves to improve blood flow and oxygenation.

  • PROGRESSIVE COMPRESSION: These compression stockings provide the ideal compression (20-30mmHg) to improve circulation. The premium circular knit structure stretches 360 degrees, making it very flexible and durable.

  • VERSATILE: Perfect sports compression and ideal for joggers, basketball players, soccer, runners, athletes, cyclists, hiking, cross training, gym workouts, office workers, air travelers and many more.

  • PREVENTION & RECOVERY: Support your legs, save energy, reduce fatigue, less muscle vibration and help prevent injuries, fatigue, cramps. And smaller varicose veins.

  • SIZE: The socks should be very tight. The socks are available in 3 different sizes: EU 35-38 / EU 39-42 / EU 43-47.


  • Color: White, Orange, Pink, Black, Blue, Green

  • Material: Nylon

  • Length: Knee High Stocking


    • 1 pair × Sports compression stockings


    • ⚽️You stand for hours every day and suffer from swollen ankles and tired legs.

    • 🏀 Your calves hurt or your legs feel hard.

    • ⚽️Varicose veins, broom rippers, foot pain, restless leg syndrome, shin splints, plantar fasciitis or other leg swelling issues.

    • 🏀Prevention of blood clots, especially after surgery or when traveling by plane.

    • ⚽️ Improving exercise performance, preventing injuries and better recovery of your legs after exercise.