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Screwdriver Bit Holder Accessories


Lightweight and fast, it can be connected to a standard hex driver. It can assist the electric drill to drill or drive the screw in a very narrow space, and the screw and nut are tightened for easy use. Equipped with magnets and locking devices, the head and sleeve batches do not fall.

  • USE:  for Automotive Mechanic Vehicle Repairs, Technicians, Craftsmen & Hobby Developers to use with Hardware / Tire Nut Sockets, Lag Bolts, Hex Bolts at Home, Workshop Factory or Construction Site.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: used in the installation of pneumatic screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, pneumatic drills, manual screwdrivers and other installation for the hexagonal tool. 
  • DURABILITY: quality is a guarantee with this 3 piece rugged and durable solid steel set designed to withstand torque compression under most standard use situations. 
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS: 3 pieces 1 of each size: 1/4 "3/8" 1/2 ", turns any Power Drill into a Power Nut Driver Robust, spring-loaded ball bearing securely holds sockets in place.


  • 1/4 "Hex Shank to 1/4" Socket Adapter  (65mm Length) ------ 1/4 "Shank can be converted to 1/4" (6.35mm) square head 
  • 1/4 "Hex Shank to 3/8" Socket Adapter (65.8mm Length) ------ 1/4 "Shank can be converted to 3/8" (9.4mm) square head
  • 1/4 "Hex Shank to 1/2" Socket Adapter (68mm Length) ------ 1/4 "Shank can be converted to (1/2 '') 12.6mm square head



2 x 105 Degree Screwdriver Bit Holder ( long & short )

1 x (1/4 "hex to 1/4" socket) Socket Adapter ( long & short )
1 x (1/4 "hex Shank to 3/8" Socket) Socket Adapter  
1 x (1/4 "Hex Shank to 1/2 "Socket" socket adapter

2 x 105 Degree Screwdriver Bit Holder

C: 1PC ( Short )

1 x 105 Degree Screwdriver Bit Holder ( long )

D: 1PC ( Long )

1 x 105 Degree Screwdriver Bit Holder ( short )