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If you have had a pilot dream since childhood, then this FW450 remote control helicopter should belong to you to realize this dream!

This powerful RC helicopter supports GPS positioning mode and 3D special effects mode and USES intelligent one-click switch to control more special effects!6mm spindle, 5mm horizontal axis design, enhance the robustness of the aircraft.forward flight, figure 8 flight, spin figure 8 flight can be completed with one key, novice easy to use!



  • The integration of six-axis gyroscope control system and receiver, the second generation of six-axis stabilization system control technology, automatic correction of flight attitude, fine flight control!
  • Double brushless motor :High-performance brushless motor provides more powerful and durable flight.
  • High speed digital servos:adopting 26g high speed digital servo as tail servo, features high torque and fast response, makes high speed flight and precise tail lock.
  • FW 450: Independent WK-WST-40A-2, has better heat radiationeas and easy to maintain.
  • Flybarless structure: Adopting new flybarless system ,features fast response and great efficiency improvement.
  • Belt driven system ensures easy adjustment, stable flight and low noise.
  • Carbon Fiber Main Blade: The main blade adopts new compound carbon fiber materials, has better rigidity and toughness, suits for wind resistance on outer doors and 3D maneuvers.3D flight, aerobatic flight show, give you a different flight experience.



    • Long: 880mm 
    • wide: 110mm
    • High: 220mm 
    • Main rotor diameter: 800mm
    • Main rotor length: 360mm 
    • Tail rotor diameter: 127mm
    • Main motor gear: 11T
    • Main transmission gear: 66T
    • The weight: 700G