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Multifunctional Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder


How many times have you wished you had an extra hand?

As many parents know, babies need a lot of attention and much of this requires such as holding your baby's bottle on while they drink. That can be hard on your arms and let's face it, you need a break. That's where the Multifunctional Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder comes in.


  • Multiple occasions - It can be attached to a stroller, a high chair, a car seat and more. 
  • Flexible and adjustable - This holder is flexible and adjustable so you can keep your phone safely out of baby's reach while in use.


  • Material : Aluminum-magnesium alloy, ABS
  • Color : Black, white, blue, red


  • 1*Multifunctional Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder