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Multifunctional Butterfly Bottle Opener


✨✨Multifunctional Butterfly Bottle Opener

Prank your friends and surprise them with our Butterfly Bottle Opener! At first, it looks like a foldable pocket-knife, but actually just a bottle opener! With this, you can safely practice opening and closing it multiple times before using the real knife!


  • A fun way to pop the cap off your favorite beer or soda.
  • Makes a great practical tool to learn how to use the real thing. 
  • A good gift for yourself and friends.
  • Makes a great tool to prank your friends and family.
  • A cool and handy bottle opener that fits your pocket.
  • Can be used as a professional hexagon screws tool, with gasket, playing with flexible, strong and durable.


  • Weight: 130 g
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Colour: Silver, black
  • Size: 


  • 1 * Multifunctional Butterfly Bottle Opener
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