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Hirundo No Sew Jean Button Replacement and Extender


I believe you will need this Hirundo No Sew Jean Button Replacement and Extender,the quickest,easiest way to add or reduce inches on the waistband of your pants,and is removable and reusable.Guaranteeing elegance to your wear since Day one!

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CHANGE YOUR PANTS SIZE AT WILL - Our product is a great jean button replacement and extends or reduces an inch to your jeans�waist. With a set of 8 buttons,you can adjust them to whatever fabric of pants you wear - jeans, slacks, skirts, denim, corduroy, suede or leather. When you lose weight, just remove the button. As you lose more weight, simply pop it on the other side. Wow,you've lost three inches on your waistline and your pants still fit perfectly.
CONVENIENT AND INVISIBLE - Our jean button replacement is extremely easy to install since no sewing is necessary. With no needles, no thread and no sewing. No one will ever know you're wearing it. Simply tack it to your pants and cover it with a shirt or belt! It also fits perfectly for both men and women and adults and kids alike by giving extra space for breathing. It is also removable and reusable. Your ease and convenience is our priority!
LONGEVITY AND STRONG - Made of premium rustproof metal, unlike spring or plastic that would likely stretch and break, our jean button replacement is highly durable and sturdy during washing. The head of the tack button will not bend or shatter under finger pressure. Longevity in place!
FASHION DESIGN - The shiny metal finish makes our button a rather stylish and sophisticated choice for your day outs. It also makes a wonderful present material for your family and friends who are possibly pants enthusiasts as well.

Package Includes:

 8 × Hirundo No Sew Jean Button Replacement and Extender