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Electric Cleaning Brush


Electric Cleaning Brush

Clean Grimy Tiles And Counters Easily With This Electric Cleaning Brush!

This Electric Cleaning Brush with 3 washing modes perfectly meets different requirements. Working with 4 AA batteries, you can save time without putting any added strain on your arm. It is very suitable for use in kitchen, bathroom, washing table and other places.


  • The tool is very simple to use with a single button for on/off.
  • The soft sponge brush is suitable for cleaning fragile goods.
  • The polyester sherpa brush is suitable for cleaning sofas and carpets.
  • The hard nylon brush is suitable for cleaning the kitchen, tub, tiles and so on.
  • The lightweight tool with ABS plastic handle has a comfortable grip and cordless operation.
  • Seamless sticky hook keeps your brush within reach on the wall or any metal surface.


  • Weight: 390g.
  • Size: 17 x 22cm.
  • Material: ABS+Nylon.
  • Power Supplies: 4 x AA Battery (Not Included).

Package Include:

    • 1 x Nylon Brush
    • 1 x Soft Sponge Brush
    • 1 x Seamless sticky hook
    • 1 x Polyester Sherpa Brush
    • 1 x Multi-Function Electric Cleaning Brush Handle