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Domom Kitchen Knife Sharpener


Do you have some old knifes in home? Do you still use knife sharpening stone or normal knife sharpener? Try Domom Kitchen Knife Sharpener, take the knife on a new look! And it will give you a different experience! 
  • NEW DESIGN - Unlike others normal knife sharpener, our product can sharpen all your dull knives in seconds. 
  • MOER PROFESSIONAL - Works on various of knife blades, 
  • PRACTICAL&EFFICIENT With two spring-action arms, more practical&higher effiecient than a knife sharpening stone
  • MORE SHARPENER - Sharpen your knives and take them on a new look!

Please Note: Not suitale for Chinese Kitchen Knife!!!

Package Includes:

1 X Domom Kitchen Knife Sharpener